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Whilst getting a haircut can seem like an everyday, routine thing to do for most people, to some children it can be a very frightening experience.

Taking a child into an unknown environment, where a stranger approaches them with a pair of scissors aiming for their head and ears, can understandably be too much for some little ones to cope with.

The number of children suffering from Haircut Anxiety in the UK is on the rise, so here we share Hamish’s story and how Little BigHeads is working with his mother Aimi and his father Rhodri to overcome his fear.

Hamish’s Story:
Hamish Mcneill-Jones is two years old, he has developed an absolute aversion to having his hair cut, which can make going to the hairdresser an excruciating experience for both him and his parents.

Knowing that a haircut was very much needed and could no longer be put off, Aimi booked in with the team at Little BigHeads.

She speaks of her experience:
“I had heard from many of my mum friends that Little BigHeads was the place to go if Hamish was even just a little bit frightened. They had such a reputation with local families, so I trusted we would be in good hands.

“Knowing that I couldn’t put Hamish’s haircut off any longer, I booked an appointment at their Wilmslow branch. Hamish’s fear has come out of nowhere and on the phone call I instantly felt at ease that I had rung the right place. After speaking to their receptionist I was put through to one of the hairdressers, who talked me through their approach to cutting hair for children with haircut anxiety and it filled me with hope that I would leave with a happy child and the bonus of a great haircut.

“Whilst he quickly kicked up an absolute stink (to the point I eventually had to leave the salon) the girls were just amazing. Very calming, soothing and caring. They didn’t make me feel embarrassed and managed to give my son a great haircut.

“iPads, treats, stickers and lots of cuddles make it a much more bearable experience for us both. They didn’t charge me full price either, and suggested I come back little and often to get him used to the experience.

“The stylists have lots of experience in dealing with children, just like Hamish, that have developed a fear. Whilst I was there they also gave me some tips and tricks to try with him at home to make the trip back to them even easier.

“I just can’t recommend them highly enough. They have made something that was once such a chore, and an event that filled me and my child with such dread into something much more bearable – Hamish has also had many compliments on his new hairstyle too! A BIG thank you to the Wilmslow team, my next appointment is already booked.”

Hamish Story Case Study
Hamish Hair Anxiety Story

The Little BigHeads team prides themselves on helping parents with children who find the experience of a haircut difficult. They go to whatever lengths possible to make your child enjoy getting that all important trim.

Many in their first visit may not even make it to the chair, a step which isn’t rushed for those little ones who really struggle with anxiety. The team will spend as long as it takes to build up confidence and make sure they begin to enjoy their trips before even attempting to get them into the chair. Other children seem happier avoiding the chair altogether, and the team have been known to cut hair whilst kneeling or even lying down as the child plays, happily oblivious.

If you prefer, the salon can also offer out of hours’ appointments or private appointments to encourage you and your little one to feel more at ease.

So, if your own child is petrified of going to the hairdressers – please pick up the phone or pop in for a chat, the friendly team at Little BigHeads would love to hear from you.

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