Children's Detangling Service

If your child's hair becomes knotty and unmanageable - we are here to help. 

It's more common that you think. It may start with a child having a phobia or fear of having their hair brushed, or they don't want a parent to do it, insisting they'll do it themselves. But they may not do it properly, and so the cycle goes on and the problem builds up.

Our detangling service can be booked in one hour blocks and costs £30 per hour. Depending on the severity of the tangles, you may need more then one session. We can offer appointments any day of the week (subject to availability – not all our team can offer this service) 

You may need to pop in for a consultation prior of your appointment for us to give an indication of how many sessions it may take.

We will offer full aftercare advice on how to manage the hair at home once the treatment is done.

To book call Altrincham 0161 941 4033 or Bramhall 0161 439 7953