Your Child's First Haircut

Here at Little BigHeads we know what a big deal your child’s first haircut can be. We often get asked when the right time to have their first haircut is. The short answer is – only when and if they need it! It might just be a fringe trim if it’s in their eyes, or a tidy up at the back if it’s turning into a mullet (all too common!).

We are experts in the latest children’s styles, so you can relax knowing your little one is in good hands. We understand that (particularly with little boys), their first haircut can make them seem very grown up – so we make sure we trim a little at a time to make sure we get a style and look that you are comfortable with. We will also do a full consultation with you beforehand to understand the style you want to aim for as they get a bit older, so even if they don’t have enough hair yet to go into that style we can work towards it, from their first haircut onwards.

As their first haircut is such a special occasion we offer a keepsake certificate and present a lock of their hair in a drawstring pouch. There’s no extra charge for this, it is all part of our service. Just let us know when you book that it’s your child’s first haircut.



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