Our Partner Charities

We believe that it is important for us to use our platform to do our bit to help, and we also really believe in the magic created when of children help other children.

With this in mind we work with two amazing UK charities, Sal’s Shoes and The Toy Appeal. 


Launched 8 years ago when the charities founder couldn’t find anyone who would take her child’s outgrown shoes to be recycled, Sal’s Shoes take children’s outgrown shoes and redistributes them around the world to those children who need them.

In the last 8 years, they have found new feet for over 3 million pairs of pre-loved children's shoes in 56 countries around the world. (Including the UK)

If you bring us your child’s outgrown shoes we will give you £5 off a new pair!

You can also ask your child to write a note to go with the shoes, AND sals shoes will ensure the message is passed onto the new recipient! 

For more information visit salsshoes.com


Set up in 2014 by Cheshire based husband and wide team Chris and Dee Drake, the Toy Appeal makes Christmas sacks for children in the North West of England who would otherwise go without at Christmas. Back in 2014 there were just under 500 sacks made, last year the charity made 10,704 sacks and this year will make 12,000 sacks!

Each sack is made age appropriate and contains a main present, a stocking filler, a cuddly toy, two books, a sport item, a game and a craft activity. Each costs £25 to make and EVERY PENNY donated to the Toy Appeal is used to produce and distribute the sacks. Although work goes on all year round there is a truly magical day each year on a Monday in early December is where everything comes together and the Toy sacks are distributed to schools, children's centres, social workers and community centres (this is how sacks are requested)

The Little BigHeads Team have been involved in this very special day for many years now and we have even had some of our customers get involved along the way. It is pure magic what this charity has created and the thought of all of these children with a smile on their faces on Christmas morning really does bring a tear to our eyes.

If you would like to help this wonderful charity you can do so in two ways:

1. You can donate a toy, book or game (new and unwrapped please)

2. You can make a donation here