Holiday Hair Care & Tips



Avoid the summer hair blues and let us help you to keep your children's hair in tip top condition!

Sun, salty sea water, chlorinated swimming pools and sandy beaches.........

Yes! We can hear the tears now BUT in fact this CAN be prevented by following a few easy tips. Meaning those precious memories that are to be made will not be replaced with moments of unruly holiday hair! 



Before travelling make an appointment to visit your stylist to take any split ends off. If split ends are left on your hair this will accelerate hair breakage, your hair will be put through lots of environmental stresses on holiday so a fresh trim will give your hair the best chance of survival.

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Make sure to keep your hair super hydrated, salt from sea water pulls moisture from the hair and chlorinated water strips essential oils from your hair, add the lovely UV rays to the equation and Ta! Da! this will no doubt leave your hair feeling parched and unruly, leading to those unwanted tears.

We believe prevention is better than a cure, so before leaping into that pool, jumping waves in the sea or building sandcastles in the sun, prepare the hair with one of our recommended leave-in-conditioners, apply or spray in, brush product from root to tip ensuring all the hair is coated and voila! protected hair! 

Original Sprout Leave-in-conditionerMilk_Shake Incredible 12 effects leave-in-conditioner

We recommend for older children and parents 

milk_shake Incredible Milk has been named as the Best Hair Treatment  in the Beauty Short List Awards and The Best Leave-In Conditioner in the Hair Magazine Awards This beauty is the only hair fluid you will ever need!! 

milk_shake Incredible Milk is a best-selling leave-in spray mask that is suitable for all hair types and has 12 hair transforming properties. The clever multi-tasker protects from harmful UV rays, maintains colour, repairs all hair types, acts as a heat protector, detangles and maintains style. The miracle treatment adds maximum shine to locks, creates body and volume and controls frizz!

Incredible leave-in conditioning treatment with 12 benefits!

For instantly amazing results you need milk_shake® Incredible Milk.

Transform your hair with a blend of natural ingredients that include organic Muru Muru.

The effects are:-

1.Repairs ALL hair types  2.Frizz Control   3.Prevents split ends   4.Heat protection   5.Long lasting hairstyle   6.Incredibly detangling   7.Magnificent shine   8.Adds Body & Volume   9.Easier Ironing   10.Protects and maintains colour   11.Protects from UV rays   12.Smoothes the cuticle.

We recommend for Younger children

Original Sprout Leave-in Conditioner. It's lightweight formula is made with nourishing emollients and arnica for split ends, making it ideal for detangling and eliminating frizz from damaged hair. Apply a penny sized amount onto ends to enjoy ultra-soft, moisturized tresses. For swimmers, apply to wet hair before swimming to prevent chlorine damage and green hair.


Sometimes it is hard to keep excited children steady long enough to complete product applications, so we would say to wear a hat wherever possible to keep the UV rays off their hair and scalp, thus preventing burning to the scalp and hair dehydrating in the sun.

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So although prevention is better than a cure, sometimes, especially towards the end of your holiday when hair has had more exposure to the sun, where your hair is more fragile from all the fun of your holiday, salt from the sea and that sneaky chlorine builds up on hair.

Chlorine is a pretty damaging chemical, great for protecting you from bugs and bacteria when swimming but the devil for hair unfortunately. It can remove the natural melanin from hair, which is part of why it lightens and turns that green ‘pool hair’ colour. It can also break down the amino acids in our hair, which can deplete its natural strength and dry it out. It has no preference to what hair it depletes. You will notice if your child's hair has a chlorine build up as hair becomes very difficult to comb or brush and can tangle from quite high up the hair shaft, it also can take on a nylon fake hair feel with a dull fake shine. 

Don't Worry!! We can help you stop it getting to this point!

By simply using our recommended clarifying shampoo, followed up with one of our recommended deep moisturising conditioners, harmony can be restored and summer smiles can return to both child and parent! 

Don't forget to pack these holiday essentials.....


 Paul Mitchell shampoo 3Original sprout deep conditioner

We recommend for all ages 

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three Clarifying as it removes dulling buildup from hair, strengthens strands and minimizes future buildup. Deep cleansers remove chlorine, iron and minerals. Although this product can be used for all the family care should be taken as with all products not to get it in your eyes.

ADDED BONUS Helps prevent swimmers' "chlorine green."

We recommend for all ages 

Original Sprout deep condtioner Suitable for Vegans/Family Friendly/Natural and Organic

Hard water, sun, wind and pollution dehydrate hair making it prone to tangles, frizzies and flyaways. This Deep Conditioner is infused with Hawaiian kukui seed oil to help repair hair, leaving it silky and smooth. Apply onto ends for optimal moisture and movement, leave on hair for at least five minutes. For a deeper treatment, try wrapping hair in a warm towel or shower cap for 15 minutes to help the ingredients penetrate deeper before rinsing.


So now you've had a few helpful tips on how to free your locks from impurities on holiday and on your return. Just keep in mind all the stress your hair will go through over your holiday. We recommend only using a clarifying shampoo after swimming and after a those beach days, following up with a deep moisturising conditioner, to load moisture that has been stripped from your hair back in. 

Whilst on holiday you wash your hair more times than you would normally so it is also important to be kind to it too, so for every day use we highly recommend using this gorgeous Original Sprout Tahitian range

Island bliss shampoo luscious island conditioner


Protein hair sprayTahitian Hair Oil

Original Sprout Island Bliss Shampoo Suitable for Vegans/Family Friendly/ Natural and organic

Island Bliss Shampoo is ultra-nourishing without weighing down your hair. The sulfate-free formula is excellent for all hair types including colour-treated or dry, damaged hair. It is infused with botanicals including jojoba to strengthen strands, and cucumber to restore and hydrate. Rosemary and Arnica Flower cleanse hair follicles and sooth a sensitive scalp. This gentle shampoo leaves hair silky soft and delivers touchable, smooth volume that lasts all day.

Original Sprout Luscious Island conditioner Suitable for Vegans/Family Friendly/Natural and Organic

Luscious Island Conditioner will transport you to luxury. Vegan jojoba protein rebuilds and strengthens hair, while nourishing mongongo oil heals and regenerates dry, brittle strands. For extra moisture and shine, leave on hair for five extra relaxing minutes while in the shower!

Original Sprout Protein Hair Mist Nutrient-rich Protective Protein Hair Mist is the ultimate hair repair product. Like a green juice for your hair, it is loaded with plant proteins and organic extracts from kale, carrots, lemon, argan oil and jojoba. A super food for all sun-drenched hair!!

Original Sprout Tahitian Hair Oil Suitable for Vegans/Family Friendly/Natural and organic

Tahitian Hair Oil’s gentle formula is infused with coconut oil and linseed oil, to lock in moisture, control breakage and prevent frizz. Suitable for hair and body. To use, apply a small pump onto ends of hair. For optimal moisture, use as an overnight treatment, or to protect hair from the elements when at the beach or pool. Also great for use on extra dry skin.

Adds a tropical glow to hair and silky softness to skin! Treat yourself to this multi-use divinely healthy vegan hair oil!


Wait! We've not quite finished! 

Yes for all you beautiful individuals with curly hair this is for you. 

Hydrating your hair is something you are most probably familiar with all year round so going on holiday we have got you.....

CurlyEllie - Their key ingredients – including quinoa, broccoli seed oil and aloe vera juice - which have been carefully selected to help keep moisture locked in especially during the summer months. 

CurlyEllie says......

'' At CurlyEllie we believe we have created custom crafted, high quality and unique hair products designed specifically for sensitive, curly, kinky and frizzy hair to moisturise, hydrate, detangle, define and shine your child's curls. This is our goal.''

'' We also happen to be gluten free, SLS free, SLES free, dairy free, peanut free, wheat free, silicone free, paraben free and we are free of all mineral oils.''

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Curly Ellie Gentle ShampooNourishing ConditionerCurlyEllie Intensive treatment maskCurlyEllie Leave-in-conditioner



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