Haircuts Price List

Please be aware that from 01 April 2023 we are changing the price of our haircuts. 

The last few years have been tremendously difficult for small businesses and we are no exception. Almost all of our costs have increased in the last 12 months and the effect of this had made it very difficult.

The price increases will be used in full to fund the cost of our team’s wage increases. As you may be aware, minimum wage levels are increasing nationally on 01st April. As a responsible and ethical employer, we have always aspired to pay well above minimum wage to everyone in our team. This means that when the minimum wage levels go up we also need to adjust our pay, so that it continues to be set above the minimum wage thresholds.

Our increases will be as follows:

Age 2 and under haircuts - £16.00 (was £15.00)
Age 3 and over haircuts - £19.50 (was £19.00)

All Tutorials - £38 (was £30) now 1 hour instead of 45 mins.

We hope you understand why we have had to make these changes. We really do hate to introduce increases at a time when everything else is going up, but commercially we have no choice.
When we started 11 years ago our prices were £12 for a 2 and under haircut and £16 for a 3 and over so as you can see we’ve not increased our prices too much over the years.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support.



If it’s your child’s first haircut please let us know and we will give you a complimentary keepsake certificate and pouch to keep their first lock of hair in. 


Children’s Hair…

2 and Under

Fringe Trim £ 6.50
Cut & Finish (including First Haircuts) £ 16.00

3 and Over

Fringe Trim £ 6.50
Cut & Finish £ 19.50
Party Hair (per half hour) £ 16.00
Extra Time Haircut (1 hour) £ 32.00
Detangling Treatment (per hour) £32.00

Mums Hair

Cut & Finish (no wash) £ 35.00

Hair Tutorials

Hair Braiding Class (1 hour) £ 38.00
Daddy & Daughter (1 hour) £ 38.00


We stock a tried and tested range of Children's hair care and bath products for all hair types, hair conditions and sensitivities. If you need any advice on what is best to use for your child, please feel free to ask and a stylist will be happy to advise you on your visit. They are also available to buy online. 

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