Little Bigheads foot measuring guide

Little Bigheads measuring guide Step1 Step 1 

Tape a piece of paper onto the floor, starting from the wall. Stand against the wall with your back upright to the frame, Make sure your heel is right up against the wall.

Little Bigheads measuring guide step2 Step 2

Make sure the foot is flat to the floor, making sure toes are flat and heel is right up against the wall. Place a ruler or tape measure along side the foot.

 Little Bigheads measuring guide step3Step 3

Place a book at the tip of the longest toe, this helps you clearly see the foot measurement on your tape measure or ruler.

Little Bigheads measuring guide step 4 Step 4

Take a pencil and whilst holding the pencil at a 90 degree angle mark where the tip of the longest toe stops. Now take a note of the measurement, use the guide* below to find the correct shoe size.




 *This guide is only a guide.